About Us


Dayntee farms Ltd (DFL) is a fast-growing privately-owned integrated poultry farm incorporated in February 2011.
DFL core operation started from commercial egg production which metamorphosed into poultry breeding and hatching operation and ultimately broiler fattening and processing.
The expansion of DFL poultry operations into broiler meat processing started in 2017 bringing forth it flagship poultry product “Ivory Chicken”.

DFL diversification and growth within the short period of its existence was hinged and facilitated by our believe and practice of four core pillars that hitherto defines us;

 Quality

 Customer Satisfaction

 Environmental & Social responsibility

 Talent

Mission: To enrich the lifestyle of Nigerians through the provision of quality and affordable poultry products

Vision: To become a household name in the Nigeria poultry industry. 

What we do

As an excellence driven organization, we are committed to producing high quality and affordable poultry products for the growing Nigeria population adopting best knowledge and using latest technologies in poultry management that guarantee optimization of our production systems and safety of our products from farm to fork.


We engaged services of qualified professionals in the field of veterinary medicine, animal science, engineering, accounting, marketing and business administration, managing the farm operations which comprise of breeder farm, hatchery, feed milling, broiler fattening, live bird processing plant and Day-Old chicks production.

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Km 5 Ajase-ipo - Offa Road, Amberi village, Kwara state


Email: info@daynteefarms.com
Phone: +234 (0700) DAYNTEEFARMS 
Mobile: +234 (908) 071 5588